About Us

Since Summer 2013, Budapest Taxi Ltd is operated by RT5 Taxi Holding Ltd. The company owns 3 brands. As a result of mergers, has been renamed to Budapest Taxi and received a brand new identity in September 2013.

Our Developments
Due to our ceaseless developments, we provide innovative solutions to our partners. Each one of our cabs is equipped with a POS terminal, enabling paying with VISA, Mastercard or AMEX card or PayPass. The same devices support our GPS-based, silent address-management system. Lately, we introduced even more innovations: e.g. our customers can now pay or top up their taxi cards on our web page and may pay by mobile phone in our cars.

Quality Management
Our aim is to provide a quality cab service to our customers for a fair price. Our partners’ confidence and their growing number allows us to develop dynamically. Our quality policy has been rewarded with an ISO 9001 qualification.

Open 24 hours a day
Our call centre’s infrastructure is equipped with state of the art tools, hardware and software to serve our passengers’ needs and meet their expectations seamlessly. 


We accept bank cards

As part of our quality service we operate a card terminal in each of our cabs.



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