It is possible to pre-order an airport?
Yes. If you specify what flight arrives, the dispatcher watching the flights, and sends it to the taxi driver when the plane landed.

Assume taxi service to the airport?
Yes. The airport is also backward. If you specify what flight arrives, the dispatcher watching the flights and the taxi driver will wait for you.

Pre-order can order a taxi?
Yes. Phone (06-1 / 20/30 / 70- 777-7777), e-mail or mobile application rendelés@budapesttaxi.hu characters can be set.

How many people can deliver up to a taxi?
According to the new regulation, a taxi can carry up to six people.

Is there a minivan taxi?
Yes. We can send in accordance with requirements.

Bank cards can I pay for it?
Yes. All taxis are equipped with MasterCard, Visa and American Express credit cards also accept POS terminals, as well as the new terminal, our PayPass-takers as well. It is only a Budapest taxi drive time is possible via Union pay to pay for the ride.

How much will it cost for a ride?
Metropolitan tariff defined in Regulation applied. Booking fee: HUF 700 kilometer fee: 300 HUF, waiting fee: HUF 75 / min. Fare calculator on our website at which to calculate the approximate expected freight rates.

The car is worth much time?
depending on traffic conditions, but in general we can provide taxi within 5-10 minutes within the administrative area of ​​Budapest. If the mobile application download and use on our website, the app shows exactly where to go in the taxi, and when you will arrive.

They can provide non-smoking taxi?
According to the Municipal Regulation taxi service can be performed only non-smoking taxi.

Can you airconditioned taxi?
According to the Municipal Regulation taxinknak all be air conditioned.

How many cars are on average operating day and night in Budapest? (Ie the average amount of time the pick?)
The average time the pick five minutes.

How many cars have air-conditioning?
Each air-conditioned car.

What is your nickname? (A charge card "register" It was quite an e-mail ...)
Our company gives the user name based on the taxi card orders.

How long does the card and the filling in of?
The prepaid card is valid until withdrawn lives, the charged amount must be used within one year from the top.

Where to find the balance inquiry?
At checkout, the car was seen in the pre-paid taxi voucher card balance, and it can also be read on the Web: wwww.etaxicsekk.hu

The eTaxi checks and taxi card the same thing?
Not the same eTaxi to check an electronic taxi booking - contracted partners have the opportunity to use the taxi card card with a magnetic strip that can be admin/uploaded via the Internet.

How do I change my password registered on the site?
The site currently can not change the password, but anywhere you are prompted for login information, you can send the forgotten password feature. In this case, the program will generate a new password and send it to specified during the registration e-mail address.

Where to Budapest Taxi card PIN to change the home page?
The www.etaxicsekk.hu page the user name created from the taxi card number. Please enter your card number of the taxi, if you want this username.

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We accept bank cards

As part of our quality service we operate a card terminal in each of our cabs.



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