Quality, speed and precision!

Our quality directives guarantee that we provide the highest quality services for our clients.
Our company is constantly developing, and develops it’s range of services, and their quality.
Based on the feedback of our satisfied customers, we can sincerely state that the goals we have set for ourselves correspond with the expectations of our customers.
With its decades of experience in passenger transport, our company will:

  • take a fare guarantee of 200 % for orders made via phone or application
  • make it possible to pay with cash in our cars
  • provide taxis for sightseeing
  • deliver letters and packages within the administrative boundaries of Budapest
  • provide non-stop services 24 hours/day
  • install dispatcher service for events
  • enable ordering a car with a child seat
  • enable ordering electronic cars
  • provide business deals for partners

We accept bank cards

As part of our quality service we operate a card terminal in each of our cabs.



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