Our company operates based on the principles of sustainability.

We’ve made our old dream come true: in 2014, Budapest Taxi became Hungary’s first „green” taxi company, therefore Budapest became the 5th city after Sao Paulo, New York, Osaka and Barcelona, which treats environmental protection as a top priority.

In 2012, we started using e-invoices and e-signatures, with which we take part in realizing the green project. Our company takes into account the basic values in its operation.

We support ideas which enable sustainability to enter every household and office! We respect equal treatment, the right to a healthy environment, and the protection of human life and safety. Furthermore, we believe in ethical operation, towards our employees and passengers as well.

Our Ethics Committee put together a guidebook on ethics for our colleagues, which makes their job easier. We seek continuous and long term cooperation with our partners, therefore we aim to fully meet needs regarding development. We chose our suppliers based on these aspects as well.

We accept bank cards

As part of our quality service we operate a card terminal in each of our cabs.



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